Men with high cholesterol are more exposed to heart attacks

heart problemsMen with high cholesterol levels are more likely to have heart problems. They have a risk of heart attacks three times higher than women with the same level of cholesterol. This fact is confirmed by the study of Norwegian scientists.

Surveys were analyzed 45,000 patients who had blood tests. During the study 500 men and 157 women at least once experienced a heart attack. Special risk group included men of middle and old age: the risk of developing heart disease in combination with high cholesterol levels was three times higher.

Smoking and genetic predisposition to diseases of the cardiovascular system aggravate the situation. So people need constant prevention, timely diagnosis of the disease and early qualified medical aid to combat cholesterol. The most affordable way to fight – balanced diet and exercises. When results are static it is necessary to switch on medications.

Scientists can not accurately determine the cause of such a large difference in the risk of heart attack in men and women for a while. Perhaps this occurs due to protective properties of female hormones -estrogens.