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Shortened Radiation Therapy Offers Similar Quality of Life for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer Patients

Low-risk prostate cancer patients may be able to undergo a shortened course of radiation therapy that cuts treatment by weeks and offers comparable outcomes and quality of life results as those who undergo longer treatment courses, according to new study. Patient’s quality of life –

HIV becomes less harmful

Oxford scientists have found that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) gradually loses strength and becomes less dangerous. Long-term observations of patients in South Africa and Botswana make the researchers concluded that HIV has undergone a destructive mutation. Now, the virus needs more time to cause

Proteins to fight viruses

Israeli scientists have identified a necessary protein that destroys viruses. This is the first step to create an alternative for medications. The protein stops virus from splitting, ruining and fighting attacks. In the long run, a new “antibiotic” can be created from this necessary protein.